When in doubt…

When in doubt…

I have noticed that when we are faced with a challenging situation, we tend to react by looking outwards and appealing to others for help and support: we may regularly check our horoscope, sometimes speak to a coach, and turn to our friends or family for advice. Although a support system is precious and necessary, do we also remember to take the time to check in with ourselves? Next time we are feeling upset or confused, instead of immediately picking up the phone to talk to someone else, why don’t we take a few minutes to sit quietly and look inwards, honour our inner strength and wisdom, and just listen.

Are we actually scared of what we will hear, of what lies within us, of our inner power? “Going solo” and trusting ourselves can be scary. Our relationship with ourselves is the same as any other relationship, it can be fragile and needs to be nurtured and looked after; we need to build trust with ourselves. We so easily believe other people’s opinions and suggestions and can disregard the worth and validity of our own feelings. The connection to our inner knowledge and the trust in ourselves are very much like the roots of a tree. When the roots are strong, the branches and leaves may sway with the wind but the tree stays grounded. In the same way, when the connection to our inner self is strong, we are able to be flexible and open-minded whilst staying centred and grounded.


  1. Put the phone on silent and find a quiet spot to sit down.
  2.  Sit comfortably, spine straight and breathe deeply.
  3. Try and let go of your expectations, worries, anxieties, insecurities, of all your inner demons!
  4. Calmly, gently ask your question mentally and let it resonate.
  5. Take the time to feel and be open to whatever comes up. Keep breathing out any negative thoughts and fears.
  6. Trust yourself and the impressions that come to you however vague they may be to start. Carefully consider the ideas that come to you and what you want to do about them.
  7. Keep practising! This may be a new exercise for you but it will only get easier.
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