Us Vs. Them

Us Vs. Them

I have never felt as much division between myself and other people as this past year. It seems that our “differences” have somehow been amplified and in some cases even become deal breakers in relationships. 

I feel like it is almost not “possible” anymore to have different opinions on topics such as health and politics for example. This has greatly affected me and I am sharing this with you to see if it resonates and if you have your own experiences to share. 

What inspired me to write this blog was listening to a podcast by JP Sears. I discovered his funny “How to be Ultra Spiritual” videos about 7 years ago while I was studying Pranic Healing. I found them so spot on and a refreshing reminder to never take ourselves too seriously. I recently discovered his podcast and found one of the episodes inspiring, it definitely resonated with me. However I noticed that something he was saying bothered me: he referred to himself and his “followers” as “awakened” warriors living from the heart whereas people who were not into him were “asleep” and living a life based on “fear” (you can read my earlier blog about fear as I often do not agree with how it is talked about!).  Although I was kind of flattered to think myself part of JP Sears’ “awakened warriors”, I observed this sense of division come up again and it made me feel uneasy. 

I thought back to my Arhatic Yoga classes with Master Hector Ramos where he warned us that the biggest potential pitfall and challenge for the spiritual disciple would be pride. He explained that we would need to constantly monitor our self esteem and our pride as they are two sides of the same coin. When our self esteem is low, we use pride as a crutch to make ourselves feel better than other people. Acting like we know it all, actually hides a deep insecurity of worthlessness. We need to remember that we know some things but that we do not know everything.  If we feel that our self esteem is low, we can remind ourselves of all the things we are good at. When we notice that we are feeling “better” than others, or that we feel that we “know” more than others, we can remind ourselves of what these other people are good at and what they know.  I find that this is a continuous and challenging practice.

Even though I can be inspired and resonate with people fighting for certain causes, I realised that their way is not the ONLY way and their causes are not the ONLY causes. What they believe in or do does not make them “better people”.  It is perhaps an area in their lives where they feel connected, alive and “awake”, one that I may share with them. Whereas other people might be more “awake” in other areas of their lives. Sometimes I noticed that it can also be easier to passionately fight for outside causes rather than change ourselves and our own daily lives.  I always loved the expression “charity begins at home”, which I do not find easy to apply. 

We are all finding our way and we are all so interesting once we actually stop and listen to each other, while trying not to feel “attacked” (my previous blog was actually about taking things personally…).

To support myself with this process I like to refer to a quote from my spiritual teacher, the always compassionate and discerning founder of Pranic Healing, Master Choa Kok Sui:

“Different people can have different opinions and still be right. There are different levels of truth and different facets of truth.” MCKS.

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  • Angele
    Posted at 10:20h, 27 January Reply

    Dear Melanie, perfectly said. You and your power are what the people need. Yes with the many levels of truths, the constant truth is that we are all lightworkers in our own paths. To help me not judge another on their truths, I go back to this truth, and I send my intentions to another soul with mercy and holding on to his/her truth that reside and never goes away within him/her. At some point though we need to also act on it, and what you wrote in here is remarkable helping one to see the essence of being … believing that we are ONE, ONEness is the essence of collective energy, collective living…. thank you and continue inspiring us.

    • admin
      Posted at 11:38h, 27 January Reply

      Thank you so much for taking the time to comment and share! Really good to know that this speaks to you too. I find that we are ONE is a concept which makes sense but that I find hard to really feel every day and act, think accordingly. These blog posts are my attempt at untangling my inner workings and getting there…Melanie

  • Yasmin
    Posted at 14:23h, 27 January Reply

    Another fantastic, candid, thought provoking post, which I feel resonates on a collective level.
    Thankyou for sharing your journey.

    • admin
      Posted at 14:43h, 27 January Reply

      Thank you so much for your feedback that is really great to hear!

  • Danièle LE GALL
    Posted at 19:01h, 27 January Reply

    Thank you very much Melanie for this courageous post.
    All last year, and it does go on, one had the impression that people lived on different planets in as much as dialogue was often impossible, even with friends and family, view points were fiercely argued, insults even were freely distributed.

    Why was that? On the one hand you had a totally political view about this new illness ( they don’t even refer to the WHO anymore!) and on the other hand you had people with common sense who made the effort to get informed, to confront both points of view; but in both cases strong ingrained beliefs were at stake like: does the government really cares about our health? Do we still live in democracy? Sacrifice freedom versus “protection”? And it is painful to confront our own beliefs as they are the root of our identity, or so we think.
    The pain involved in that confrontation does explain the many intolerant reactions we were/are getting from both sides, it seems to me.

    • admin
      Posted at 22:34h, 27 January Reply

      Thank you these are very good points. I agree that our deep beliefs were triggered this past year, I wonder if we are somehow too attached to these beliefs and maybe identify too much with them?

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