The Beauty of our Personal Journey

The Beauty of our Personal Journey

What I find the most inspiring in my work is seeing students and clients grow, blossom and find their own path. The classes and sessions are a tool for them to find their inner wisdom and balance in life. I always appreciate their gratitude but would also like to give them credit for the work and healing that they have achieved themselves. I asked one of my clients and students to share her story and was blown away by this beautiful testimonial.

“The last months of 2015 were a rather difficult time for me. I was struggling to understand who I was after ending a relationship that lasted through my entire 20s. I was feeling drained both emotionally and physically, and when energy healing was recommended to me, I was willing to try anything to feel better.

I found Melanie by a simple google search and after our initial meeting, decided to invest into a 10-session programme. I did not feel any drastic changes, it was more of a subtle change, every next day being a bit easier than the previous. Faster changes started to occur, when I decided to take the Pranic Healing course myself. I threw myself into energy healing, meditations and yoga, and was amazed how quickly I managed to pick myself up. I started making new plans for myself, focusing on what I wanted out of life. Very soon, things around me started to shift, pushing me to act on my dreams.

Less than a year later, my life has changed so much I can hardly recognize myself. I have quit a job that was no longer giving me any joy and I am about to start a crazy adventure, taking me to a number of countries in Asia. I have found a new love in my life, a guy who adores all my crazy sides, and I cannot wait what else this amazing life of mine has to offer. I know very well, this new path has been my own doing, but I am forever grateful to Melanie and Pranic Healing for pulling me out of the doubts and fears, and showing me a completely new side of myself.”


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