The Art of Doing Nothing

The Art of Doing Nothing

As this is my first blog post since I launched my website last May, you may be thinking: “She sure has mastered the Art of Doing Nothing”. On the contrary! I am generally quite a “busy bee” but after launching my website, I went nuts and wanted to do EVERYTHING straight away.

The inspiration for this post actually came to me last summer on a plane back from a wedding in Greece. At the time I had actually wondered how I could afford this break and time away and was worrying about the impact on my business and activities. On the plane journey home, I realised that this “compulsory” break (I know, poor me!), had let me just “be” in one of my favourite countries. I felt rejuvenated, more alive, inspired and connected to myself. This time away from it all had created space for new ideas and projects and reminded me about the importance of balance in my life.

I thought of a favourite Yoga teacher of mine, Tomoko Mori, who explained to us during a retreat, that in order to deepen a pose, it helps to slightly reduce the intensity of the pose, take the time to feel the space and just “be”, and then gently go back into the pose with your original intensity. You will be amazed about the results!

I will be honest last year, I sometimes lost sight of what my business and I stand for: wellbeing, self-love and healing. I believe that it is precisely in those moments when we feel overwhelmed and that we cannot cope, that it is helpful to take a step back and some time out to reconnect with ourselves. This does not need to be a Greek island getaway, but also a walk in the park, a few hours without checking our phone (I know!), a trip to a local spa, immersing ourselves in a favourite movie or TV show, taking the time to book a yoga class, a massage or…just nothing!

As one of my favourite Pranic Healing teachers says, we often forget to schedule rest! I am writing this blog as a reminder to myself and as part of my New Year’s resolutions: I want to practice what I preach and I need to sometimes “do nothing” to be happy.

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