Tapas or Perseverance: My Full Disclosure

Tapas or Perseverance: My Full Disclosure

“When an individual has achieved complete understanding of her true self, she will no longer be disturbed by the distracting influences within and around her.”

Yoga Sutras 1:16, English translation from The Heart of Yoga (T.K.V. Desikachar)

Writing my last blog about Santosha, or Contentment, I thought: I wonder if anyone reading this will get the impression that I have totally “mastered” this concept, that I apply it to my everyday life and that I feel content all the time? I started thinking about how easily we can assume that the person in front of us, whether it is the yoga or meditation teacher, the writer or speaker, is living a completely healthy, stress-free, happy and fulfilled life. I am as guilty of this assumption as the next person and I often need to remind myself that no matter how much I admire a coach or spiritual teacher, they are also dealing with their own challenges on a daily basis.

I tend to find that inspiring speakers and teachers have usually mastered their topic to a certain point, that they do apply the concepts to their daily lives and that they have really studied and worked on themselves. In this case, I have noticed that they come across genuine and seem to “embody” the teaching. Personally, I make sure that I reach a certain level of understanding of what I am talking or writing about. However, whenever I discuss or write about a topic, I am as much a learner as the students or readers. I also noticed that as I am explaining a concept, I sometimes understand it in a new way.  I like to remind my students that one of the reasons that I got into Pranic Healing, a comprehensive system of energetic medicine, and Meditation, is that I was suffering from stress and anxiety. I still do, less frequently thankfully, and the reason that I am so passionate about the subjects and the tools that I share, is that I find them incredibly helpful and that I feel more balanced and happier when I practice them.

This blog actually feels like a part 2 of the one on Santosha, Contentment, and a reminder to truly appreciate ourselves: where we are, right here, right now.

One of my favourite mantras is from a spiritual teacher: “An instructor must be a perpetual student.“ MCKS

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