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My initial attempts at meditation after a yoga class were generally frustrating experiences as I would think about my day and what I was going to buy for dinner. In fact most people tell me that they cannot do a meditation class because they cannot switch off their thoughts. I have now realised that meditation is an amazing tool to learn to deal with your thoughts, your emotions and stop them from controlling your day and your life.


Twin Hearts meditation on loving-kindness is a very accessible and easy guided meditation developed by the modern founder of Pranic Healing, Master Choa Kok Sui. It acts like an energy shower and helps you cleanse any negative thoughts and emotions. By activating your heart chakra, the centre for higher emotions such as love, and the crown chakra, the centre for divine love and oneness with all, you become more peaceful and grounded as well as developing your intuition, your connection to yourself. Part of the meditation is sending positive thoughts and emotions to the whole planet, your family and friends. This sometimes surprises students who come to help themselves, however when we give, there is a tremendous amount of energy that goes through us and therefore: “it is in giving that we receive. “ M.C.K.S.

Meditating in a group amplifies the energy and the experience. 

We generally sit on chairs and the meditation itself lasts about 20 minutes. There is a short set of gentle, minimal effort stretching exercises before and after to help the energy flow.

Each meditation experience is different and personal. There is no right or wrong. Master Choa would say that if you are meditating on expectations then you are not meditating! A learning for me was to realise that I am not failing at meditation when I get distracted or think of my job and tasks to do. In fact I sometimes get amazingly creative ideas during a meditation session!

I have been practising Twin Hearts meditation regularly for over a year and have noticed that I feel more at peace, more accepting of other people and myself and, most of the time I can stay calm under stressful circumstances.

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