Inner Reflection: Observe and Evolve

Inner Reflection: Observe and Evolve

“Spirituality is a way of life. It is not just doing meditation.” MCKS

As I am a meditation teacher, you may be surprised that I am not telling you to prioritise meditation above all else and that it is the solution to all your problems!  Meditation is an amazing technique and practice which has endless benefits and is a tool to grow spiritually. However I do notice a tendency to put meditation “on a pedestal”. A regular meditation practice is a great achievement in itself however there is always a risk of meditating on the more negative of our traits without analysing them, without trying to understand why we do things and without finding ways to change, to evolve.

Changing our negative habits, limiting beliefs and old patterns takes dedication and work on our part. Our regular (or irregular) meditation practice may be 15 min or an hour, perhaps once a day or once a week, but what about our daily thoughts, words, actions at every hour, every minute of our waking day? I find it even more important to take the time during the day or once a day to take a step back and observe our behaviour, how we treat ourselves and others.  Once we can understand what the reason behind our negative tendencies is, such as fear or insecurity, we can start to heal and resolve to change our habits. When observing our thoughts and actions, it is vital to also notice the positive things that we do and to congratulate ourselves! Feeling down and guilty is counterproductive and a huge waste of energy.

In a way we need to let go of the vision of “perfection” and learn to accept what we see as “flawed”. Once we can love ourselves unconditionally, “warts and all”, we will notice how much more patient and understanding we can be towards other people.  Now after having written this, I will resolve to apply this to myself!

“Through Svadhyaya, or self-study, one can achieve communion with the Divine.”

Yoga Sutras 2.44

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