Gratitude: on the path to Wisdom

Gratitude: on the path to Wisdom

The themes for this year’s New Moon Meditations and blogs are inspired by the lovely Native American wisdom of Jamie Sams and her Sacred Path cards. I find continuous support and insights in these cards which have so many different levels and transcend culture and religion, connecting to what feels to me, to be glimpses of Universal Truth.

We start the year with the theme of Gratitude, and in her Sacred Path cards, Jamie Sams connects Gratitude to Wisdom.  I found the Wisdom aspect of Gratitude to be an enlightening and insightful point of view. In spiritual circles we often hear the advice to “be grateful” and this can be another case of easier said than done! We can also question the point of this exercise…

Thanking people around us, or external Gratitude, makes sense to most of us and seems like a “nice” thing to do. However this can also be challenging, and interestingly, it is often the people we are the closest to and love the most that we find the hardest to thank. Practicing saying thank you is a loving and compassionate exercise and the fact that it can be challenging may highlight the importance and potential positive impact of this practice.

I recently participated in a lovely 21 day Gratitude program organised by Daniella Schoch in her Happiness Café. Happiness has been connected to the practice of Gratitude and I did notice a change to how I felt after practicing Gratitude for various aspects of my life, including challenging areas and people, for 21 days: I felt more connected to myself, more empowered and more balanced. I actually made more time for myself.

When something positive happens to us, we can naturally feel happy, elated and thank “God”, the Universe, our lucky angels or even just the randomness of the event. When we feel low, disappointed and things are not going our way, or even really pushing our limits, we tend to retreat, close up and rebel against this negative feeling. As we do this, we also cut ourselves off from our connection to ourselves, our “Higher” self, our intuition and our spiritual connection and energy, described in Esoteric texts as the silver cord or Antahkarana. This process actually creates a vicious cycle and can further plunge us into despair and negative emotions, even clouding our judgement. In these challenging situations, the practice of Gratitude, even though it may seem like the last thing that we feel like doing, can help us transcend our current state as we open ourselves us up to the current lesson, insight, inner growth and Wisdom offered to us.

Lovingly and compassionately recognizing the difficulty of the situation for us, honouring our emotions and at the same time internally thanking for this new Wisdom is a beautiful practice that we can aspire to.

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