Goodwill: act, think, speak with kindness

Goodwill: act, think, speak with kindness

The end of year, holiday season, Christmas are associated with Goodwill. What does that mean to you?

Focusing on buying gifts can seem like an expensive and materialistic chore and we may forget the intentions of love and generosity behind the gesture. It can help to remember that we can also express Goodwill and kindness through actions, thoughts and words. Even a simple “Hello” can have a significantly positive impact on someone.

I also regularly like to think of the words from the Bible: “Charity begins at home”. I find that we often forget to treat ourselves with kindness and this tendency can be exacerbated around the busy holiday season, when we feel so many commitments and obligations. Amongst the many expectations to socialise or entertain, we may forget to take to care of ourselves, rest, reflect on the past year and recharge.

Do we treat ourselves with kindness? Do we think of ourselves with kindness and love? Do we speak about ourselves with compassion, forgiveness and love?

Sometimes a “luxury” can be some me-time, a book, blanket and some candles, meeting a friend for some delicious food and catch up, a massage, a wardrobe clear-out…I am really aiming to make time for some of these acts of kindness towards myself during this holiday season and I hope that you do too.

When we look after ourselves, we offer a more rested, grounded, balanced and happier version of ourselves to our loved ones.

The aim of the Meditation on Twin Hearts or meditation on Loving-Kindness is to send love, peace and Loving-Kindness to the entire world, to people in need. By doing so, we also receive a tremendous amount of loving energy which makes practicing this meditation an act of Goodwill towards others and ourselves.

“Life is like an Echo. What you send out comes back to you many, many times! Practice Loving-Kindness.” MCKS

  • tommy hen
    Posted at 11:20h, 29 March Reply

    Such a nice calm relaxing blog

    • admin
      Posted at 20:22h, 04 April Reply

      Thank you so much for saying that! Melanie

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