Femininity: what does it mean to you?

Femininity: what does it mean to you?

Every year on International Women’s Day, I have a moment where I wonder what it means and how I feel about it, as well as how I am meant to feel about it. I love celebrating things and as a woman, this obviously seems to be aimed at me, but it also makes me questions things, such as: what does being a woman mean to me and how would I define femininity?

When I am working with my female personal style clients, the word feminine comes up a lot and it is usually something that they want more of, that they want to be more in touch with and that they want to learn to express more effectively. In the same way that everyone has a unique personality, my belief is that everyone also has a unique personal style. My passion is being a guide for my clients and supporting them in finding their own style. Once they make certain connections and have almost “Eureka” moments whilst working together, this process of realization changes them for life, they integrate this new self-knowledge and make big steps in their journey as much in personal growth as in personal style.  This process is very powerful, as instead of learning and following arbitrary and outdated style or fashion rules, the changes they make come from within them and are connected to their unique essence and personality.

I also find that the definition of what is “feminine” comes from within the client, not from current society or fashion standards. For one client, feeling more feminine may mean embracing their curves and not hiding them anymore from fear of attention and judgement. For another client, it may actually be embracing their more androgynous figure which has always stopped them from feeling feminine, instead they learn to appreciate their slender lines and silhouette and see the beauty in them.

For me, being more feminine involves more self-care, more attention to our routines and outfits. It is amazing how different we can feel when we take the time for some simple rituals like applying some blusher, adding a necklace to our outfit or daring to wear some lipstick. Doing so honours us and our self-worth.

One of our biggest challenges is often to shut out the “noise”, the images we see everywhere, the society we live in and its standards, other people’s opinions, our family upbringing as well as our own limiting or negative beliefs. When we make the time to centre ourselves, to sit quietly and connect to our heart, we can visualise what we actually want, how we personally define inner and outer beauty as well as femininity.  It is a beautiful process and I feel very grateful to accompany my clients on this journey.

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