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One of the things that I found the most interesting when I learnt Pranic Healing was to see that healing is not a gift given to a select few, but something that each one of us can do and learn. The Level I foundational workshop is very accessible to all and gives valuable tools which you can apply straight away.

Most people have experienced going into a particular room, and even though it may have been empty, not feeling comfortable for some reason. Or you may know people who make you feel happy and energised, while others make you feel low and drained. Even though most of us do not “believe” in energy these expressions are in our daily vocabulary.

WHAT? During the Pranic Healing workshop you will begin to become aware of the energetic field around the body and learn how to use it effectively for your wellbeing, as well as to help others. You will discover the location and function of the major energetic centres, practice scanning and feeling energy, cleansing methods to clear dirty or blocked energy as well as energising using the prana around you.
You will also learn how to protect yourself from negative energy in your environment or from other people, as well as meditation for inner peace, cleansing and re-charging of your energy levels.

FOR WHO? The Level I foundational workshop is very accessible to all, no previous experience of energy work is necessary; it is very practical and offers valuable tools which you can apply straight away, either in your personal life or to enhance your current coaching or therapy practice.

HOW LONG? Two days 09:30 to 18:00 both days.

HOW MUCH? 305 euro includes VAT. Payment in installments possible.