Connect with Your Heart’s Desires

Connect with Your Heart’s Desires

You most likely have heard the phrase “there are two sides to every story”. Well taking that a step further in relation to who we are, there are actually many sides to our makeup and who we are.

We are beautiful beings of light that’s for sure, but we are coloured by many different things in life, our karma, our upbringing, our culture, our life experience, our parents, and our personality.

All this together makes us feel a certain way, makes us think in one way or another, and so all of these together taint our life experience. What comes with the territory in all of this is that over time these experiences whether they are good, bad or indifferent can cause blockages because over time we start to lose our own connection with who we truly are.

These are blockages because they stop us from shining our light brightly and instead of shining our own light and making our own unique music we tend to fit in and do the right thing by everyone else instead of doing the right thing by us.

We can all get away with doing this for a while, in some cases for many many years but one day we realise there is an ache inside that is calling for attention and so we start asking the question is there more to life than what I am currently experiencing and we start exploring more non material means of shedding light on who we really are and what’s going on.

If you are not shining your true light and playing your own music each day then you have a block in some shape or form that is keeping you from feeling inner peace and deep fulfillment as a natural state of being.

So how can you uncover and work through these blockages? By using colour.

Let me give you an introduction to what I mean and take you through an exercise so you get an idea. Sit comfortably and let’s begin by firstly taking a few breaths.

Breathing in goodness and breathing out anything you want to let go of. Do this for at least three breaths.

Bring your attention to your body and see if you can feel the flow of energy in and around your body.

Bring to mind a block or something you feel is stopping you doing what you would love to do. It could be money, not feeling worthy, good enough, health, romance. Take the first thing that comes to mind as you ask this question.

Right so you have your block, now scan your body and see where in your body and or energy  this block resonates.

What colour does it represent?

What is this part of you needing? It could be love, safety, trust, acknowledgement etc.

What colour do you associate with that attribute? Connect in with how you would feel if that was the attribute you had.  Now mix that colour in with your first colour in to that area of your body until the second colour becomes the dominant colour. Anchor the positive feeling also into that area.

And once the feeling and the second colour are dominant and strong, then let this colour and feeling go through every layer of your skin, every cell of your being, every organ until you radiate this colour.

Let this move out through your energetic field and out to the Universe. Take a deep breath and release. Cross your hands over your knees to ground you. And just observe how your energy is feeling now.

You most likely feel that bit more centered. You have just used colour to clear one of your blocks that has kept you from your hearts desires and having a deeper connection with your own unique light. Keep an eye out to see in the coming days if you have a bit more synchronicity to lead you closer to your hearts desires.

Feel free to drop me an email at, with the two colours you got and I can give you a bit more insight into what that means for you, as colour is the language of your soul and so can give you more insight and awareness. And sure isn’t awareness half the battle. 🙂


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