Karma Palette | Meditation, Healing & Style
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Karma Palette is all about making you feel good and looking after yourself. After working in the exciting but challenging fashion industry for 15 years, I know all about stress and how it can affect our daily lives. The best way I have found to feel good is to look after myself and do things that make me happy.

Lucky for you, one of my favourite things is looking after you! No matter if you have 5 min or a weekend free; I have lots of tips to help improve your wellbeing as well as your karma. By learning about the energetic anatomy during the various trainings and workshops I attended, I realised that our thoughts, emotions, words and actions are connected and integral to our happiness and wellbeing.

Karma means that we reap what we sow, which makes more and more sense when you learn about subtle energy. I now feel that I have a deeper knowledge of myself and that I am more in charge of what goes on in my mind. At the same time I feel more serene with the outside world and I gradually feel more myself. It is a constant process! Thank you for joining me for a metaphorical cup of tea while you explore all the things you can do to know yourself better and feel happier in your day to day life. I am currently based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, but thanks to the worldwide web we can still work together no matter where you are.